What might happen if you stopped time?
What might happen if you stopped time? Have you ever thought this question before? Let’s learn something new today. Though it is not as common a image as traveling back in time or moving at super speed, stopping time could be a well-worn tradition in fantasy. The Marvel superhero Dr. Strange will make out, Flash Man from Mega Man a pair of will know, and Hiro Nakamura from the first 2000s broadcast “Heroes” will sleep with. however what would happen if you stopped time in real life? It seems that the real-world effects would not be all that sensible — however they certain area unit a fun thanks to study physics.

Lets dive into Physics

First things initial, we’ve to outline what we have a tendency to mean once we say “stop time.” If you had the facility to prevent time, period, you clearly would not get abundant use out of it as a result of you would be frozen in situ. therefore let’s assume we have a tendency to mean “stop time for everything however you.” that is exactly what happens in Nicholson Baker’s 1995 novel “The Fermata,” wherever the protagonist Arno River Strine has the power to prevent time and move through the paused world unencumbered (though it’s to try to to things that build North American country advise against sharing this book with children).
Even then, we want to create some allowances. As man of science Sean writer writes in “From Eternity to Here,” you’d have to be compelled to account for each molecule of fluid and air within and out of doors of Arno River Strine’s body. If he will move around freely, then {we will|we will|we are able to} assume the molecules at intervals him can, too. “But if the air within the remainder of the area has really stopped experiencing time, every molecule should stay suspended exactly in its location; consequently, Arno River would be unable to maneuver, unfree in an exceedingly jail of stiffly stationary air molecules,” writer writes.
So lets say that point keeps flowing ordinarily for the molecules at intervals an exact distance of Strine’s body. on the far side that, time stands still. At that time, may he do what he desires during this time-frozen scene? sadly, the solution continues to be no.
Our generous allowances for Arno River Strine’s superpowers haven’t nonetheless accounted for each particle live. As you scan this, particles of sunshine known as photons area unit traveling at the speed of sunshine (to state the obvious) from your screen into your eyeballs. Likewise, the sounds you hear travel at the speed of sound (professional science author right here) through the air as pressure waves that eventually reach your ears to vibrate your eardrums. If you stopped time, all light-weight and sound would stop, too. In some interpretations, this is able to leave Strine instantly deaf and blind in his frozen scene.
In a video for Play bean concerning the time-stopping game Superhot, solon Huguet involves an analogous conclusion, though he thinks it’d take a touch longer. “Photons traveling at the speed of sunshine get their own special rules,” he says. “They expertise no time or distance as so much as they know; they solely get emitted and absorbed.” In Huguet’s interpretation, this implies that any photons that had already been emitted by a incandescent lamp, a device’s screen, or the sun would persevere traveling whereas the globe around them stopped. counting on the sunshine supply (and whether or not you were within or outside), you’ll get a grace amount of anyplace from a fraction of a second to a full eight minutes where you’ll still see. You’d still hear silence, however that is usually however these time-stopping sequences play out, anyway.
But we wish unlimited time, therefore let’s build an extra tweak to the current frozen-time situation. What if rather than stopping time, you only slowed time to a crawl? That additionally would not work. after you weigh down magnetic attraction waves (light) and pressure waves (sound), you get waves of a lower frequency. we have a tendency to all grasp what happens to sound at a lower frequency: The tone drops, during this case to a frequency that is probably below the vary of human hearing. light-weight at a lower frequency redshifts — that’s, it moves into the longer-wavelength finish of the spectrum, down into the infrared, microwave, and radio-wave realm. therefore whereas light-weight would have an opportunity to achieve you, it’d probably be invisible to your eyes.

What might happen if you stopped time?