Neutron Star
Neutron Star | Modern Astronomical object ever observed

Neutron Star | Modern Astronomical object ever observed. You might heard it for the first time and get shocked. It is a Modern Astronomical object observed by Astronomers on 2017. Let’s get started with History.


History of First observation

on August,2017, scientists observed a continuous signal on LIGO Observatory at Livingston, Luisiana. LIGO stand for The Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory. The Whole experiment was stand for collecting the gravitational wave from different sight of Space. They observed that a continuous and steady waves from Space.

It was first time they observed something different than usual. After a lot of research they found that there were a 2 collision of stars near Galaxy NGC 4993 which is 130 Million Years far from our Earth. After observation they looked at the Gamma rays Telescope at the same part of the Sky and saw that there were a lot Gamma rays and regular light waves. This is the first time the Astronomers observed 3 different signals (Gravitational waves, Gamma rays and Regular Light beams) from same part of the Space. This makes Astronomers curious about the new signals. Why Astronomers thought that the signal was different than usual? Because when two Black Hole collide the signal it makes Shorter. The Gravitational waves the Neutron Star made larger waves.

Facts about Neutron Star

  1. Neutron Star emits larger Gravitational waves than Black Hole and it spins rapidly. The Radiation waves lasts larger and longer. When it appears to us it looks like Pulsing Light like Beep beep. Because of this “Pulsars” are one type of Neutron stars. We will talk about Pulsars in next post.
  2. Neutron star has around 2 times bigger mass than our sun. Despise of its huge mass it is so dense that it can fit into 20 Kilometres radius. Let me give you one example, One sugar cube of Neutron star can be weight up to Hundred Million tons On our Earth.
  3. Because of its high density the Protons and Electrons get combined together with Neutron and emits Photons. Some scientist Predicts that it contain some kind of Neutron Super Fluid in it’s core. Astrophysical scientists says that the main elements of our Universe Neutron star produces them.
  4. Neutron Star can Spin more than 600 times per second.

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