Fun Facts about Mercury Planet. Like other planets the Mercury also named after Roman God. This is the first planet close to Sun, as it is so close to Sun it is very hard to see by bare eyes during Solar Eclipse. Today we will discuss about the most interesting facts about Mercury Planet. Let’s start.

Mercury Planet
Picture of Mercury planet capture by Messenger on 2011

Facts About Mercury

  • Mercury has diameter of 4,879 Kilometres with mass of equal to 0.06 Earths. which is about 3.30 × 1023 kg.
  • Mercury is the most Smallest Planet in Our Solar system. Before 2005 The smallest planet was considered Pluto but when we downgraded Pluto from our Solar system list, the Mercury is now considered as smallest planet.
  • Talking about Mercury’s Atmosphere, Actually it does not have any atmosphere around it. because this planet has very small Gravity which is around 40% of our Earth. Having less gravity and the disaster Solar winds does not allow it to have any Atmosphere around it.
  • One Mercury Year is equal to around 58 Days of Earth days. which means it completes one circle around the Sun within 90 days Earth time.
  • Mercury spin on its own Axis with in around 59 Days Earth Days.
  • Despite being closest plant to Sun, Mercury reaches -174°C temperature during nights, while during day temp. can increase up to 427°C.
  • Have you ever wounder why Mercury doesn’t burn while it is most closest planet to Sun? Because it does not have any Atmosphere like Earth. As there is no Atmosphere there won’t be any Reactive gases to Burn. The Rock planet is made of high dense Metals which has melting point is more than 600°C. And it only reaches 427°C on its surface.

How Much we could Discovered Mercury so far now?

Closeness to Sun makes this planet so hard to visit. we have to design a special Space Craft. Which can resist the deadly Sun winds and massive heats. On 1974 we sent Mariner 10 three times and it discovered only half of it. On 2004 NASA sent “Messenger” Spacecraft to Mercury. It took around 7 years to reach. on 2011 Messenger started orbiting Mercury for 4 Years. Messenger was specially Designed to explore Mercury’s composition, it’s gravity variations, magnetic field, Geo-history etc.