Betelgeuse the rising supernova in our universe. So far now it is our one of the brightest star in our night sky. There are so many interesting facts about Betelgeuse star.

Betelgeuse The rising Supernova

The Betelgeuse name came from a Arabic word which means “The armpit of Giant”. Now lets talk about the size of the star, it is almost 800 to 1200 times bigger than our Sun. If you visualize the size it would reach up to the Orbit of Jupiter.It located just 197 Parsec from our Earth. You might be thinking what is Parsec?

What is Parsec?

Parsec is a scientific Calculation term which we use to measure the vast distance of any Astronomical objects like super giant star, black holes, supernova from our earth. One Parsec is equal to 3.2 light years.

Dimming in Brightness

Why this star caught our attention among all other bright starts? Because during last couple of years it fluctuates in brightness. From Jan,2020 to Dec,2020 it changed it brightness most. Which brings a lot of questions to Astronomers and Space Scientist. Is it it’s last stage of Life? Generally giant star like this uses up all its fuel up to 10 million years. How do we assume any star’s life? By the colour of the star we assume its lifespan. Before turning any Supernova all stars coloured in to Reddish yellow to red. So, its not far that the Betelgeuse could turn into Supernova with in couple of million years or within a decade or today. Nobody knows when it could happen?

Betelgeuse The rising Supernova
Betelgeuse The rising Supernova

Or may be it already happened. As it is located almost 640 Light years away from us. So if it is already turned into Supernova, the light of explosion will take 640 years to reach to earth. The most interesting fact about the explosion is The Explode could light up our sky for 2 months.